Golden Jubilee of Independence

The Golden Jubilee of Bangladesh Independence is an annual plan announced by the Government of Bangladesh to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh's independence from Pakistan through a nine-month armed liberation war from 26 March to 16 December 1971. The government announced the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Independence from 26 March 2021 to 16 December 2021. It was later extended to 31 March 2022.

 Literally, the term "golden jubilee" basically refers to the 50th anniversary of an event.

Get to know Bangladesh

Our Bangladesh is full of natural diversity. There are many tourist-attractive places in this country, both known and unknown. These include archaeological sites, historic mosques and minarets, the world's longest natural beaches, mountains, forests, etc. The natural beauty of this country fascinates the tourists. Each region of Bangladesh is specialized in different unique features.

Bangladesh is located in the northeastern part of South Asia. Some distance from the northern border of Bangladesh are the Himalayan Mountains and the Bay of Bengal to the south. India's West Bengal to the west, India's Tripura to the east, Mizoram state and hilly areas of Myanmar. Bangladesh is mainly a plain land surrounded by numerous rivers. The important rivers of the country are Padma, Brahmaputra, Surma, Kushiara, Meghna and Karnaphuli. The natural beauty and food habits of each region are different. Bangladesh is the land of the Royal Bengal Tiger which lives in the Sundarbans. There are also red clay temples here. Notable tourist areas in the country include: Srimangal, which has miles of tea plantations. Archaeological sites include – Mainamati, Mahasthangarh and Paharpur. Rangamat, Kaptai and Cox's Bazar are famous for scenic views. Sundarbans is home to wild animals and world famous mangrove forests.


Bangladesh at a glance

Constitutional Name: People's Republic of Bangladesh

Weekends: Friday and Saturday. Some offices are open on Saturdays.

International dialing code : +880

International Time Zone: BST (GMT +6 hours)



The people

Population: 16.82 crore (Source: Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics)

Population Growth Rate: 1.37%

Population density/sq km: 1,180 people

Birth rate: 18.8 per thousand

Mortality: 5.1 per thousand

Signup rate: 75.2%

The language

Bengali (National Language) - 95% of the population

Other languages ​​- 5%

English is commonly used.


Geographical Location:

20° 34' N latitude to 26° 38' N latitude and

88° 01' East Longitude to 92° 41' East Longitude

 Area : 147,570 sq km (Land : 133,910 sq km, Water : 10,090 sq km)



North India (West Bengal and Meghalaya)

West India (West Bengal)

India (Tripura and Assam) and Myanmar in the east

Bay of Bengal to the south

Border length: 4,246 km. (Myanmar : 193 km., India : 4,053 km.)

 Sea border: 580 km.

Mahisopan: continental margin to outer limit

Special Economic Zone: 200 nautical miles

Sea area: 12 nautical miles


Special performance by Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air Force at Mujib Chirantan event