Head Teacher's Message



It is with great pleasure that Shitalpur High School, one of the traditional best schools of Sitakunda,  Chittagong to ensure free flow of information, has entered the internet world along the highway of information and communication technology in keeping with the world. By making the free exchange of information more easy and convenient through this web site, the information of this school and its activities is quickly delivered to the reach of everyone including teachers, students, parents, various departments related to education and other government/private offices. Through this, transparency, dynamism and accountability ensure a corruption-free education system। It is our vow to establish a beautiful society. The web site will play a special role in building "Digital Bangladesh" of the current government and will increase and improve the quality of service by ensuring the best use at the grass root level - for this purpose, we seek full cooperation from all through the proper use of the web site.

Finally, sincere thanks to Mr. Md. Ismail Seikh, the assistant head teacher of the school for his all-out application of ICT knowledge and to all the related professionals.